Posted by: plarem56 | January 12, 2008

New stuff! 2/3 items!

Hi! On the 11th Billy bob said this about the new stage:

Hello Penguins!

I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out the new play at The Stage today! It will only be here for one month so be sure to try it all out! Some of you have already been asking if certain stage themes will come back and don’t worry, we will try to bring back your favorites from time to time. As always, we would love to know what you think about this new one!

In other news: On Monday we’re launching a pretty big update on our furniture system. We’ve been listening to what you would like to see and hopefully we’ve included all the features you want! This will help you organize your igloo and its furniture better so you can make sure your decorating can be as fun and easy as possible! We will continue to make changes and fix any bugs until its working perfectly.

Until then… Waddle On!- Club Penguin Team

Also here is the picture:

Stage 003

Now the extras (Yah!):

As first, you may see that box down there, yeah, that’s called the “SWITCHBOX 3000” You can make the other things on the play. Here’s how it works, The blue hand is the yellow puffle, lights come on and the yellow puffle jumps on stage. Pink and blue (There the same exept colour) it makes laser that hits the dragon. Also the colour is from the “Xs” on stage. Glitch: If you click them both at the same time, they look that they are doing together, it is called the 2 laser glitch. 3 red buttons, KABBOOMM!!! First to left, second to middle, third to right, rest of the city (Looks like Tokoyo). The red switch, a car goes to the dragon after it KABOOMs it is ready to come back. The last switch is controlling day and night, first you click, night, second you click, day. Better picture of The whole room without pepole below: ↓ Notice: The one who writes them without looking gets a free 100+ coins! (I don’t hack) Send your user name and pass to .

Click HEREto see it!

In other news: The iceberg has came back. And on the same day (AGENTS ONLY) a new writing appeared on the bulletin board in the HQ:

HQ hq-002002.jpg

Iceberg, SWF, like you’re logged on! Click HERE to get it!

Sorry for the delays! Thanks for being paicent!


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