FAQ about Plarem7000

Hi! Here is my new FAQ πŸ˜€

β€’ How did I get the name: Plarem7000?

Well, there are two stories:

1) I didn’t want it the same so I added ‘7000’ to it.

2) I had a wordpress account called Plarem but it didn’t work out and I created Plarem58 and then after a few months I had a problem that I couldn’t log on then I created Plarem7000 and I had a seprate blog and then Straw000 added me to it.

β€’ Where do I usually hang out?

Well, thats a tricky question

I go random!

Pick any servers any buddy is on or I pick my own

β€’ How much times do I play CP weekly???

10 times amonth…

If u have any questions ask me straight away!



  1. Hi. Can I ask a question?

    How did that name of yours came about? (plarem58)

    Explain number too πŸ™‚

    Can you notify me at my site when you get the answer??… I might forget to come back. Please πŸ™‚

    Plarem: “Plarem” came from the penguin, and “58” is that I didn’t want to make it the same, so changed it to “Plarem58”
    P.S. It’s Plarem56 or Plarem!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi. I started a site a little while ago. But noone is visiting. Could you tell me some good places to advertise?

    Plarem:Yeah, you have an “Advertise here” page here, and at yayp.wordpress.com

  3. Nice Name!

    Plarem:Thanx! also Thanks for the comment and veiws!

  4. what is the spa ur army like is it for cp or something totaly different. i dont wanna join not knowing what it is.

    Plarem: It’s a normal army. You can pick your time. And If I get enought soldiers, we can have war.

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