Hey!! There is a April 2009 Easter Egg Hunt in Club Penguin now and here are all the locations of the 8 hidden eggs in Club Penguin!! : D

Egg 1: On the light at the roof of the Night Club

Egg 2: Right side of the pool at the Cove

Egg 3: On the Cart Surfer at the Mine

Egg 4: Right lantern at the Dojo Courtyard

Egg 5: On top of the hats at the Gift Shop

Egg 6: In the fish bucket at the Ski Lodge

Egg 7: On top of the pole at the Mountain

Egg 8: Click on the light switch at the Beacon and you can see the egg

After you found all the 8 eggs, you can claim the cool prize which is a Pink Bunny Ears!! Let us know if you found all the eggs!! : )