Posted by: Plarem | December 31, 2008

Snow stored for FEB FUN!!!!????


It’s TRUE look at the sign!!!!!!

And lastly, here’s the blog news:

Plarem58’s News

Issue 001

Hi!, This is the Outside Broadcast Unit in CP. We have found mysterious snow at The Ski Lodge. The sign says: Snow stored for February FUN!! G’s OTHER invention used in 2007 or 08 called the AC 3000.

LATELY I will make a post of EVERY SINGLE picture from my computer in one page!

And here is the QUESTION OF THE WEEK:

In what mission G asked this question:

” How many pairs of socks do I own?”

a) Mission 9

b) Mission 1

c) Mission 2

Winner gets 1-week authorization on this blog

NOTICE: Spammers’, Hackers’ comments DO NOT COUNT VERY STRICTLY.


Otherwise: Vote on my poll about the new year about 50,000 times because there is no Cookie!!!



Outside and Inside Broadcast Unit ALL SHUT DOWN!!!!

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  1. COOL PIC!

  2. misson 1

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