Posted by: Plarem | December 26, 2008

New stuff

Hey!! Club Penguin has updated the login screen and it is more colorful and has a better interface than the old one!! : )

Also, Club Penguin has added some new servers and they are Ascent, Northern Lights, Snow Cap, Snowmobile, Southern Lights!! So the servers will be less crowded now!!

And if you go to the Secret Agent HQ, there is a new sign that says “Be Ready Agents”!!

and also

Hey!! Merry Christmas to all penguins!! The new Club Penguin News Issue #167 is out!! : )

Firstly, the Coins For Change results is out and here are the results:

  • Kids who are sick: 30%
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school: 33%
  • Kids without parents or are hurt by war: 37%

Also, Rockhopper has left Club Penguin during the Christmas Party!!

The current “In Focus” is about the cool Ski Lodge, another great place to hold parties!!

And here are all the awesome events that will take place in Club Penguin soon, with the New Year fireworks coming really soon!!

Lastly, Club Penguin sent out 2 cards to all penguins, a Coins For Change card and a Secret Agent card!!



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