Posted by: Plarem | December 21, 2008

Wordpost reffering to the picturepost

Hi! Here are all the pictures of the 29 rooms decorated including RH’s 4 rooms!

The pin is in the Ski Lodge. The Santa beard is in the Ski Village and the Santa hat is in the Snow Forts.


Help to raise OVER 3,000 hits in December. Right now IT IS BELOW 500 hits help raise the hits up!!!!!

3,000 and it’s a riot! 7 post at least weekly!





  1. I am curious as to what this page is all about. There are some pretty cool graphics on here though. I like the different rooms.

    Can you tell me more about this? Maybe, I could use one of those rooms graphics for my project, as the kids of dreamhungry project would love it.

    Plarem: ??? I duuno

  2. Hey I just made cool pin widget and I was wondering if you could add it to your sidebar?

    Go here to see what the widget looks like:

    thanks for your time

    ~ Ojoc

    Plarem: I dunno but I’ll try it for a 3-week trial

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