Posted by: Plarem | April 12, 2008

Random post 001

Hi, today I will be starting random posts to inriease my views. Today the ranom post is about The server Snowy river. The thing I’m writing this about is that views of betas have been tracked down. What could this mean? Here are my guesses: That that was the main server? Or was it the 1st server? I don’t know. Only the betas know. Their penguin was activated in 2005- That’s 3 years! If you ask about the pic, It was taken in the town center on server Snowy River. Tee Hee! They don’t know their on my blog! 😀 Try and guess how many are there in the picture! Anabul looks nice.

That’s all! Bye! ~Plarem



  1. Cool site.

  2. Ive read this topic for some blogs. But I think this is more informative.

    Plarem: Thanks…

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