Posted by: Plarem | March 30, 2008

Plarem 2 is NOW activated!

Hi Penguins! Plarem 2 is NOW activated!

 Here are my penguins:

Plarem: Actual, Last ban 74 hrs. Hacking.

Plarem 2: Actual, Not banned.

Here are the resolutuins:

Plarem: I’m using it when I’m not at work, meeting someone, and some inportant pics:

Plarem 2: I’m using it when I’m at work. If you meet him I’ll be proud to meet you.

Straw000: I don’t know about her, but if you have a blog & meet her… You’ll be in her famous list.

So, have a nice 3 more days of April Fool’s fun!





  1. How did you hack and got banned?

    Plarem: I had CPtrainer2

  2. plarem are you still doing ur blog??? its been forever since you posted/ btw that time i wanted to meet you i couldnt because of band practice! im sorry could you meet me again? im putting a new date in the page

    Plarem: I just posted one thing!

  3. If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

    Plarem: I just made a penguin!
    And It’s only a post!
    Any way, Thanks for the comment

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