Posted by: plarem56 | January 19, 2008

Some cool pics! (Idea from Straw000’s blog)

7-day trial; all to straw000 @ – – – – – Thanks straw’!

Here are some cool pics from CP: πŸ˜‰

dj-straw000.gif Staw000’s Idea…

taco-stand-straw000.gif Straw000’s idea… (again)

Also you c’n press the bell to make tacos’ appear! πŸ˜€

chuross-ice-cream.gif Straw000 Again…

so-much-food.gif Again straw000

big-pizza.gif Again and again straw000…

7-day trial; all to Straw000 @ – – – – – Thanks Straw’!



  1. Wow much better than mine! And you made me an admin too πŸ˜€ What should I do as an admin?

    Plarem: What role are you on your site? I can make you feel like your blog! πŸ™‚

  2. Of course I am an admin:D I still don’t know what post I can do… You seem to have a really good site with all the features:) You need a party or… just tell me. I will try my best

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