Posted by: plarem56 | January 8, 2008

Ok, DoWnTiMe!!! Until: Friday the 11th!

Hi! Do you accept ANY of these folowings?
1. If I do down time, You’ll get more posts right?! I’ll get more views, and comments, right!? And in this following, You’ll get the present, Called “Europe (Flags of all the countries)” If you caccept this following, vote at the poll at bottom of the post.
2. You accept downtime, but for a shorter time. But then You’ll think “Oh, I forgot I’ll get a present, if I choose no.1” And mostly of all “I’LL GET LESS VIEWS!!!!” You won’t get the present “Europe (Flags of all the countries)

Note: This begins from 08/01/2008. At 8:00 GMT (England, Ireland Time)

3. No downtime, No present, No views, No posts, No ANYTHING!!!!!!!! And If a lot of pepole vote for this this blog will shut down!!!!!!!!

Poll here > survey softwareTake Our Poll


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