Posted by: plarem56 | December 28, 2007


Hi! I just wanted to tell you that theres ice seen through the telescope. And I saw it from watex’s blog, but the pics and writing is mine, and it’s ©opyright. If you don’t belive me, here’s a proof:


That’s all! Bye! ~ Plarem



  1. Hi. You don’t really need to defend yourself or anything. I mean, in a reader’s perspective, it’s only the idea that is being shared as long we do not copy word for word and pictures. Readers get to benefit from the updates. I’m the 6999 hits 🙂

  2. ok nvm 🙂
    Plarem:??? What does that “nvm” mean?

  3. Replies at my site.
    Plarem:Oh, Thanks for telling me.

  4. never mind= nvm : )

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