Posted by: plarem56 | December 27, 2007

Great job!

Hi! I just want to tell you that you’re  doing a great job! Comments, views! It’s everything I need. For you the SHA will come out this week. Have a merry christmas and a Prospedus new year!!! You’ll getloads of posts for christmas!!!! Don’t worry about any other blog just keep checking this site for more details! Also I want to tell you a fact about my penguin: I got this “Plarem” for the second day of my birthday! Don’t ask me for the date of my birthfday! Also you might see the blogroll out and it has a new name. Check the whole blog for the comment that asked me. Hint: It hasd these signs: * and . . Great job! (That was for the last time.)

See ya! ~Plarem58!

P.S. Keep those cooments and views goin’!


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