Posted by: plarem56 | December 2, 2007

Less Emotes ( :-( ) And a NEW non-chat Sever ( :-( )

Hi! I Didn`t have time to post ANYTHING. So… I will give you Everything That is in CP. Ohhhh… I forgot I will give you the NEWS.

NEWS Date:2/12/07
Bad News Penguins… We have less emotes! 😦 CP has deleted the flower,heart and skull emotes. No Wonder they might be too offencive? Also news about the yellow puffle: The yellow puffle has been seen around CP since Halloween. CP has thought about that and on November 30th it has came to CP, many members have been hanging around with them and having fun with them. Many Non – members have been very angry (Dike me) of CP for not letting the yellow puffle out to all of CP. The stage has been a success after all it has been released in November, many penguins have been happy with the script.




  1. It`s Kind of small

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