Posted by: plarem56 | November 5, 2007

All Clothing Cat. Secrets nov,07

Here are the Clothing Catalog secrets for November:

Click the Astro Barrier T-Shirt for the Red Viking Helm

ThenOpen and Close the Red Viking Helm 4 times for the Blue Viking Helm

Click the Silver watch for the Red Guitar

Click the Fishing Hat for the Swim Goggles

And there’s two new player card backgrounds and two old ones returning. (For nonmembers too)

And I really like the Orange Snow Suit.

Sports Shop Catalog Secrets:

Click the Red Football Jersey for the Orange Football Helmet.

You can still get the Silver Snowboard by click the Penguin, then the Starfish and Clam on the floor. Click here for picture.

And there’s on new background.

And a new Movie Theater is being built in the Plaza!

And the Gold Puffle doesn’t appear anymore since its no longer Halloween.

P.S. I hope there’s a Thanksgiving Party!



  1. noone commented? thats a bummer

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