Posted by: plarem56 | October 29, 2007

How to get the Halloween basket and scarf

First, get the Halloween Basket at the Snow Forts.


Go to the Pizza Parlor and Click on the Hidden Candy in the Pipe Organ. It will shoot up and fall to the ground (in the lower right corner of the screen). Pick it up.


Then Go to the Coffee Shop and click on the Basket of Candy for another Scavenger hunt item.


Then Go to the Forest and look in the Tree Stump in the lower screen.


Then Go to the Lighthouse beacon and get the Candy from under the ‘Jet Pack Adventure’ game, in the tube.


Then Click Mullet’s skeleton’s eye (on the wall) in the Lodge. It’ll fall out. Pick it up!


Then Click the Dancing Puffle on the Boom box in the Night Club. You will get a riddle. The answer is “Happy Halloween.” He will jump into the Pool, pick up an apple, and coat it with chocolate. Pick up the apple.


Then Go to the Mountain Top and click the Scarecrow. Pick up the candy on the ground.


Then Go the Cove, look through the Binoculars, wait for the Giant Octopus to appear. Take the lollipop out of his tentacles



Then You get the Halloween Scarf!


And the new pin is in the Pool on the Wall. You have to walk up to the Spider when it comes down. Make sure you’re standing ON TOP of the spider when it comes down to get the pin!


And there’s two new songs playing on CP and one old one, and they’re pretty catchy! You can now vote for Wigs to stay or go on Club Penguin’s main site’s Penguin Poll. There is a small film playing in the Lighthouse, with a Concession stand. And the Ice Rink’s puck is now a pumpkin. I like how almost every room is decorated.

Also, secret agents take a look at the Bulletin Board! A new mission will be here sometime in November!

secret agents look

That`s all from watex`s blog



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