Posted by: plarem56 | October 20, 2007

Big party of the year sneak peek :-) !!!!

The two BIGGEST parties of the year will be hear next week: The Anniversary of CP party (24th) and the Halloween party(26th). The anniversary party will be for ONE DAY ONLY and will give out the limited edition Anniversary Hat, that will never return, so you better not miss it!

And here’s a sneak peek of the Halloween Party:


Notice the Halloween basket at the upper right hand corner. I’m suspecting something like the Fall Fair again. Perhaps you might have to collect candy for items?


There is also a new Penguin Poll: What is your favorite hairstyle? I said the Spikester mainly because of this penguin:


And this Friday, there will be a brand new furniture and igloo catalog with new secrets, a new igloo (Pumpkin igloo?), and old favorites (I’m sure the pumpkin will be a furniture item).

Finally, here are a few ideas for Halloween free items that I’ve heard:

* Magician’s robes
* Pumpkin Head
* Return of the Magician’s hat?
* Vampire costume?



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