Posted by: plarem56 | October 20, 2007

All new things now!!!!!

Two catalogs came out today, the furniture and igloo catalog.

Here are the furniture catalog secrets:

Click on the Fire for the Candelabra (Page 4).


Click on the Upright Piano for the Pipe Organ (P.8).


Click on the Home Stereo for Concert Lights (P.11)


As for the Igloo catalog, there is a new Jack-O-Lantern igloo:

Last but definitely not least, there is yet ANOTHER new poll question about the Anniversary hats. Unfortunately, there are a lot of old colors (blue, green, and yellow).

A lot of people chose Blue and Green because they want to look “pro”(same thing as 1st year anniversary hat). I want something brand new, so I’d choose Red or Orange and Yellow.


And here’s a sneak peek of the Plaza Billybob accidentally released:


Also I`ll show you the slime pool/pool

all from



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