Posted by: plarem56 | October 13, 2007

The sweet game of Pizzatron3000

I’ve been checking frequently all day for this game and it finally came out! (In the afternoon over here… ) and its quite awesome. Basically, the board up top tells you what pizza the customer wants and you make it. The possible toppings/sauces are tomato sauce, spicy sauce, cheese, seaweed, shrimp, squid, and fish. You don’t decide the toppings, the customers do.You basically make pizzas as fast as you can and try not to mess up.

Here are some tips you will definitely need:


The conveyor belt goes faster and faster too as you go, so you will have less time to do it, but it starts off excruciatingly slow so try to finish them quick either way.

Also, the number of each topping vary and the combinations are longer and harder the further on you get.

If you don’t mess up, after the fifth pizza, you get a 10 coin tip (then, 15, 20, etc. every five pizzas) each time but it goes away if you mess up and you start over your next 5-time ace.

The good thing is you can place the toppings anywhere, as long as they’re on the pizza but make sure to completely fill the pizza with the sauce.

Remember, its a drag-and-drop game, and you also get good tips if you make a lot of perfect pizzas in a row.

The order of how you put your toppings (such as seaweed first, then sauce) doesn’t matter as long as you finish the pizza.

If you mess up, and put the wrong sauce, just pour the correct sauce on it and the incorrect sauce will go away!

If you put more than the needed amount of toppings (It has to be the correct topping though), it won’t count against you!

This is one of my favorite games already and I hope you enjoy it too. And as a special treat for you guys who read through all of this, you can get to the secret level by clicking on the switch before you click ‘Start’. You make sweet pizzas instead! You make SO many more coins. Here’s a picture incase you can’t find the switch: (I’d put the picture directly here, but hey, then no one would read this, well, OK, they would anyways…)

Have fun!


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