Posted by: plarem56 | October 1, 2007

psjs Plarem School Juniors Seniors

Hi this is PSJS Info

Teacher Member Boy- Black sneakers- Electric guitar red/normal- blue viking helmet- black paint
Teacher Non-member Boy Any RH Item – Ice Cream Apron- Black paint.
Teacher Member Girl- Butterfly T-shirt- Straw hat- Peach paint
Teacher Non-member Girl Any RH Item- Ice cream Apron- Peach Paint.

Principal + Vice: Anything.

Student Member Boy:Black Sneakers- Electric guitair [red] Blue paint
Student Non-Member Boy:Blue paint
Student Member Girl:Red letterman shirt Pink paint
Student Non-Member Girl PINK PAINT


principal:plarem a.k.a plarem56
vice principal:
swim surf teacher:
music teachers:
normal teachers:

aplicaton form {important!}
now to do the application. Its not like that: I wanna get the job. And thats it.
To do my application form Its like this:

URL {If u have one}:
Adress{internet one}:
Why do you want the job:
Name of penguin:

And send it to
note:your aplication will not be read in a comment
do not copy this because somebody dindt read illegal action and copy it i do not accept copying and no copying means no copying
please leave a comment if u copyed it

Monday-friday:4:00pm to 8:30pm
Sat.: 9:00am to 12:00noon
Partys{bank holiday}:CLOSED

Extra jobs:
Firefiter: The costume to it
Cook: the pizza chef costume
Cleaner: Red letterman jacket
reporter: The group of M moderators

Well to enter Its very hard Because I have to know in which time zone you are in I am in 00:00 {Irleand,Great Britain}
School is for 4-14 years old also in 2008 Ill make college but PSJS Is still going to work.

PSJS some times isnt very easy but ill show the graph of all:
Junior Infant 4-5 years
Senior Infant 6-7
First class 7 years
Second Class 7-8 years
Third class 8-9 years
Fourth class 9-10 years
Fifth class 10-11 years
Sisth class 12-13-14 years.

please send all Qestions in a comment.

The principal-vice:
Well the vice principal has not been added yet.

The principal has been not a principal so this is the first time for him
here is what the principal does:
junior Senior Infants: peacing the teachers
1st 2,3,4,5,6th class Meetings some times in the year



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